STRAPMASTERS (For non-Panerai Watches)
For Local Purchase Only.

STRAPMASTERS watch straps are hand-made in Italy by the same craftsmen that used to manufacture Pre-Vendome Panerai straps. All STRAPMASTERS watch straps are water-resistant (due to the special underside backing) so that perspiration will not be absorbed into the strap. STRAPMASTERS also holds the Exclusive Submersible Treatment Hydro48 patent, which is a non-irritating, natural vegetable based process, which enables the watch strap to be submerged in salt and fresh for up to 48 hours.

Please note that the straps are NOT tapered at the ends (unlike the straps made by Panerai), making the watches look more rugged and sturdy (original Pre-Vendome Panerai straps were not tapered too).